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This site contrains links and resources to ACTIVE brony sites, groups , meets and conventions in the UK for 2018. If you know of any other active groups, drop hypnohooves(at this sites domain) an email with details

2019 update coming soon!

UK Regular Meets - Active in 2018
Lancashire Bronies

For those in lancashire, regular pony meets occur.  usually Monthly or Bi Montly Details are on ukofequestria web site or the groups facebook page.

Approx 10-24 attendees

Mare-seyside meets

In Liverpool, or is it liverypool? Weekly Meets on alternative Saturdays and Sundays. Details on the facebook group

Approx 6-10 attendees

Severn Bronies

Based in Bristol and Cardif this large group meets weekly, alternating between Cardif and Bristol. They are a long running group. Deailt on their website.

Approx ? Attendees

London Meets

Weekly meets on fridays, alternating between victoria and waterloo stations. details on ukofequestria.

Approx 5-20  Attendees

Trottinghamshire Bronies

Monthly meets since 2012, and still going strong. Details can be found on their website here.

Approx 10-20  Attendees

South Coast Bronies (SCB)

Portsmouth first Saturday of every month. Southampton third Saturday of every month. 10-15 people normally. link on facebook here

Leicester Bronies

Meet last saturday of the month (unless noted differently on ukofequestria and discord), they have a ukofequestria page and  a discord.  Their discord can be NSFW but is regularly used, the ukofequestria page usually updated just before meets.

Birmingham Bronies

Meet every friday 3:30 till late at the cafe nero in the  Bull Ring Birmingham. then head down the crown on corporation street. They have a facebook and also their own website with teamspeak

West Midlands Meet

meetups are usually the first Saturday of each month.  at Wolverhampton Train Station 11:00 - 12:00am, at the station's cafe next to the ticket station. see their ukofequestria page for more detailsor their facebook

Conventions for Bronies and Pegasisters in 2018 - In The UK


Advertised as a new UK Pony Convention, ran May 19th 2018 in Manchester UK. They have a website and a facebook site.

137 Attendees  RETURNING IN 2019


The oldest of the uk pony conventions, existing before G4 and run for all generations.  October 13th and 14th 2018. They have a facebook group here

Approx 1,000 total in 2018  SOLDOUT 2018


The Scottish Brony Convention, held in November each year. Novermber 10th and 11th 2018

Approx 200 attendees Tickets on sale now

Conventions for Bronies and Pegasisters in 2018 - in Europe

Hearths Warming Con

Just outside Amsterdam, in the netherlands Feb 17-18th 2018. The Dutch Brony convention of the year

Attendees 375


In germany, ludwigsburg, 28th and 29th July 2018 is europes largest remaining Brony Convention. (but this year it does clash with bronycon unfortunately.)

Attendees 1137

Websites and Forums

UKofEquestria is the main forum for UK bronies outside of facebook

UK Bronies Group - Facebook

A  facebook group of bronies. can be found here.

UK Bronies and Pegasisters
A public group for those into ponies in the uk. can be found here

Bronies UK Facebook

An older faceboom site of bronies, regretably the owner of the group decided to either ban me without explanation, so I can't confirm if its active, or its url